Singing In The Graveyard

by Brion Riborn

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This album contains a single song. A song I wrote for a show that never got made. I suppose it died. But this song came to life because of it, and I still dig the tune. I had fun writing it. It's dark yet true. Stay away from the field if you ask me. There are more tools that can kill you there than there are in the graveyard. And of course, music will scare all those demons away.

If you purchase the song separately from the album, you will only pay $1, but you will NOT get the bonus content, which is a little piece of my "soul" for you to keep forever and ever. You'll also get your name listed in the thank you credits, and I'll make a one-of-a-kind physical copy of the song & artwork and ship it to you as well (or hand it to you directly, if I happen to be touring in your area at the time).

There will be instructions on how this all works included in the download of the album.

I'm expecting most of you will go the route of grabbing the song for a buck. To do that, just click on the song.


released October 31, 2015

(c) Etymbiotic Music [ASCAP]



all rights reserved


Brion Riborn Detroit, Michigan

Brion Riborn grew up with a young heart, an old soul and a guitar. The timeless songs on his latest offering, "Don't Look Back, Never Look Back", fall firmly in the tradition of Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen with a touch of John Mayer and a hint of Joni Mitchell. Riborn’s passionate and heartfelt performances draw you in with the depth and sincerity of a true artist. ... more

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Track Name: Come Take My Soul (Good Mama)
"Come Take My Soul (Good Mama)" by Brion Riborn (c) Etymbiotic Music [ASCAP]

my good mama told me
don't squander your time
forcing words to a rhythm
putting notes to a rhyme

keep your nose to the grindstone
keep your plow to the field
when the time comes for harvest
much fruit you will yield

but the reaper looms closer
to the field than the tomb
so i sit on this headstone
just a singing my tune

my good mama told me
don't you wander away
to sing in the graveyard
where the demons stay

find yourself a new home
where death's bells toll
pray he snatch you away
'fore you lose your soul

pray death snatch you away
lest you burn in hell
where the devil will make
claim on your soul and your body as well

oh devil come take my soul
oh devil come take my soul
oh devil come take my soul
oh devil come take my soul